Deals & Specials for Vehicles in the Bay Area

How do I get the best deal on new car financing deals? This is probably the number one question we get asked, and it’s easy to see why. Buying a new car, truck, SUV, or commercial vehicle is an important decision, and a few things are more important than getting the right price.

When you visit Putnam Auto in the Bay Area, our experienced staff will work with you to understand your needs and your budget as we connect you with the best value possible. We’ve been selling cars in Northern California since 1965, so it’s safe to say we’ve picked up some knowledge about how to get the best deal on a new car. When you do want to know how to get the best deal when financing a new car, it’s helpful to consider all of the following types of vehicle deals.

Cash Back Vehicle Specials

One of the common types of special deals you can find for new vehicles is a cash-back special. The effect of this type of vehicle special is that you spend less on a new car, but it typically functions more like a rebate. That is, instead of the money being deducted from the sale price right away, you pay a full price, then receive some money back a short time later. While this is a common way for new car bonus cash specials to work, the process will ultimately depend upon the specific deal.

New Car Financing Deals

Another common type of new car incentive is the financing offer. Instead of buying a new car outright, many people choose to get a new car loan. The type of new car loan you can get will depend upon a number of factors, including your credit history. While our financing experts at Putnam Auto can work with all types of credit scores, having a strong credit history will help you get a better rate for your new car financing. At times, qualified buyers will be able to receive special new car financing deals from the manufacturer.

New Car Lease Specials

What if you want to lease a car, truck, or SUV instead of buying? The good news is that you may still be able to get a new vehicle special deal. New vehicle lease specials may include things like low down payments or affordable monthly payments.

Where Do Special Deals Come From?

Sometimes, you may be able to find special prices from the dealership itself. We certainly pride ourselves on offering attractive new car deals. In many cases, though, the special deals come directly from the manufacturer. The Putnam family of dealership offers all of the following brands, which means our customers can gain access to all of their special deals:

New Car Financing Specials in the Bay Area

The Putnam Automotive Group has been serving the Bay Area since 1965. Our long experience has taught us how to connect our customers with great deals. When you want to know how to save money on a new car, our friendly experts are ready to help. You can browse our special deals here or stop by one of our dealership locations in person.