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When buying a warranty for your car, you always want to be sure that you buy from a reputable company offering quality coverage, fair prices, and good customer service. Located in Burlingame, CA, we offer you the best car warranty coverage deals, such as extended, new vehicle, or certified pre-owned warranty, and services for vehicle owners looking for warranty options that keep their cars fit and running.

Our decades-long experience in the car business makes us a safe pick when trying to buy car warranty coverage. Getting a good warranty coverage for your vehicle is an essential step in the buying process and also keeps you away from those threats of car repair costs, especially when you aren’t prepared for the cost incurred when you repair your car.

At Putnam Auto California, the warranty covers we provide will largely depend on the type of warranty you want, your car brand, and your level of coverage. Let’s take a close look at these warranty types.

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New Vehicle Warranty

A new vehicle or manufacturer’s warranty is the type of warranty the manufacturer offers to their buyers to promise that they will back their vehicle’s design defects.

In most cases, the warranty covers systems or parts that break down due to design defects on the pieces sold with the vehicle. Most manufacturers offer these warranties for up to three years or, at times, 36,000 miles in the new car models.

Additionally, some big companies provide extended coverage for up to 5 years to entice new customers that protect the engine, transmission systems, or other powertrain elements. However, this warranty does not cover routine maintenance, everyday wear, and tear, damages caused by accidents or weather elements, or damages due to improper care.


Certified Pre-Owned Warranty

Automakers use the CPO programs to prevent vehicles in good condition from being auctioned. They certify the car is in good condition and back the automobile with a factory warranty. This warranty is used by vehicle owners who purchase a pre-owned car returned and serviced by the vehicle manufacturers. The warranty is different from the extended warranty because car manufacturers support it when the car dealer sells it, but don’t do that for an extended warranty. It is included in the price of the vehicle, making it different from other comprehensive coverage.

To get good benefits from your CPO car, consider getting the best certified pre-owned warranty from the manufacturer or acquiring it from third-party providers like Putnam auto. It would be best to consider the age limit of the warranty, its mileage limit, and transferability to the subsequent owners of the car when purchasing the contract. Also, remember to read the warranty terms and choose the best option you see fit for your vehicle.

Extended Warranty

Not to be confused with a CPO warranty, this type of warranty provides coverage after the warranty of the vehicle manufacturer ends. Some automobile makers may offer their own extended choices, though they need you to buy before the factory warranty expires. Alternatively, one can purchase an extended warranty from third-party providers from companies providing them. The duration of this warranty and mileage covered is increased compared to the original warranty.

Getting a third-party warranty provides costs less than those offered by the manufacturers. In some situations, like when you buy a Ford car from Hyundai dealers, they may not provide an extended warranty because they are not makers of that brand. Be sure to thoroughly review the terms and conditions of third-party warranty providers before purchasing it.

What vehicle manufacturers offer warranties?

All manufacturers offer their buyers a factory warranty on their vehicles. These warranties are a new vehicle warranty, powertrain, corrosion or emission coverage, and other coverage available. However, all warranty coverage is not the same; the provider outlines what they can handle in the event of vehicle breakdown. The automakers offering the best warranties in Burlingame, CA, include:

  • Chevrolet
  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • Hyundai
  • Audi
  • Mazda
  • Volvo


Vehicle warranty service in Burlingame, CA

Vehicles that major automobile companies put out nowadays come with enticing offers for their customers, like increasing their mileage cover and duration of the coverage. Over the last years, most warranties from companies have considerably improved. It would be best to buy a worthwhile warranty for your car from recommended dealers that you can trust. If looking for a reputable third-party warranty provider, Putnam auto is one such company. Visit To know more about Putnam auto and get the best warranty service at an affordable cost.

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