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What Brake System Types Are in My Car?

Vehicle Brakes Need Servicing or Repair

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Brake repair is a vital part of vehicle maintenance. It ensures your brakes are up-to-date and keeps you and your passengers safe while driving. Repairing your brakes helps your vehicle operate well for a long time. Many people don’t service their brakes when due, putting the car at risk.

Failure to service your vehicle brakes on time could increase the risk of an accident. Besides, it could call for an unpleasant ride consisting of loud screeching noises and annoying vibrations. Once your vehicle’s brakes have worn out, you may need to replace the rotors, brake pads, and many other parts. Visit a reliable brake repair shop like Putnam Automobile Group for your brake repair.

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What Brake Systems Types Are There in My Car?

Most modern vehicles, presumably like your car, have anti-lock braking systems. They allow you to drive while engaging your brakes. Plus, many vehicles have between 2-3 braking system types. The brake systems that come with your vehicle include:

Disc Brakes

A polishedmetal disc inside your car’s wheel is known as the disc brake. As you press down thebrake, a pad of durable materialfastensagainst the rotor, pressing it to stop or slow.

Drum Brakes

Even though most modern vehicles come with disc brakes, others still have drum brakes. There are vehicles with an entire four wheels. These vehicles either have drum brakes on the rear wheels and a rotor on the anterior wheels.

Drum brakes come with shoes that squeeze outwardsFriction causes slowing as the shoe presses through the wheel.

Parking Brakes

Theyapply pressure to your car’s drum brakes or disc in a steady, dynamic way. It does that through the lever, which often laysbetween your vehicle’s two front wheels. Anytime you haul the brake, thelever pulls two well-built cables that engage themto the rear wheels.

Old-fashioned parking brake systems are mechanical and don’t have hydraulic fluid. When one brake system breaks down, you can use the other as a substitute, but with caution. Most modern cars have an automated parking brake. Though it’s similar, the parking brake works through electronically-operated motors.

How do I Determine If my Vehicle Brakes Need Servicing or Repair?

To maintain a safe and exciting driving experience, you need to take care of your breaks. After all, it’s a system you use often, and a slight alteration can indicate a fault.

Are you a car owner, and your vehicle brakes don’t perform well? If you live in the Burlingame area and have car brake issues, it’s best to act fast. You can bring it to Putman Automotive Group, Burlingame, for inspection.

Here are a few signs indicating your vehicle needs brake servicing:

Your Dashboard Brake Light Switches on and Remains on Throughout 

If you experience this, first, ensure your handbrake isn’t engaged. Whenever your brake light remains on, know that it’s time for a licensed repairer to inspect your brakes.

Your Vehicle Tugs to a Particular Side Whenever You Engage the Brake

Note that one side of the brake may perform better. If such happens, it may cause your car to go off-track when braking.

Your Brakes are Grinding or Squeaking

Whenever your brake pads wear out, there’s always a high-pitched sound when engaging them. Besides, you may also hear a grinding noise even when you don’t engage the pedal.

Your Brake Pedal Feels Soft or Spongy

When your brake pedal feels softer or sinks into the floor mat when you press on it, you’ll notice a difference in resistance. Go for service right away. There may be an issue with the master cylinder or moisture in the braking system.

Dependable Brake Services in Burlingame

A faulty brake could pose a threat to you and your passengers. So, ensure you take your car for brake inspection once yearly.

If you live in Burlingame or its surrounding areas, visit the Putman Automotive Group to service your brakes. We’ve been using high-quality parts and tools to fix your car’s brakes for years now. Our technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your brakes to determine the problem.

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