Pre-Owned Vehicles in the Bay Area

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is an excellent deal for many of us today. With the soaring inflation rates hitting a record high in the United States, we are experiencing an impact in grocery stores, clothing stores, and gas pumps. As a result, with the cost of new vehicles rising every day, this might be the perfect time to save money by purchasing pre-owned cars.

Putnam Automotive Group in the San Francisco Bay Area gives us a wide range of pre-owned brands. Therefore, going for pre-owned cars instead of new ones can save us big money. We also incur less in vehicle depreciation, fees, and insurance.

Therefore, going for pre-owned cars instead of new ones can save us big money by lowering depreciation, fees, and insurance costs.

Explore Used Cars for Sale in the Bay Area

Sometimes our dream cars are way too expensive, and a loan may not be the best option. However, we have a chance to enjoy our dream ride by owning pre-owned vehicles.

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to a wide range of pre-owned vehicles. Whether we settle for ordinary cars or something else like hybrid models, there is everything we may envy at pocket-friendly prices.

Although we have plenty of pre-owned car dealerships in San Francisco, it is not easy to find the selections offered in the Bay Area elsewhere. So, whether we decide on used Jeep Wranglers, trucks, or Dodge vehicles for our San Francisco drive, there are ideal pre-owned vehicle models for any purpose.

Why Buy a Pre-owned Car for Sale?

The economic strain can force us to live on tight budgets, but this should not be an obstacle to you owning a car. Buying a pre-owned vehicle in the San Francisco Bay Area offers you the opportunity to own a car affordably. Besides saving money upfront, purchasing a pre-owned vehicle comes with several advantages, such as:

  • Accessing the dealer CPO vehicle inventory
  • Accessing vehicle history reports
  • Saving on insurance costs
  • Saving on registration cost
  • Ability to choose from a variety of models at one point

Visit the Putnam Automotive Group in the Bay Area today and shop for your dream pre-owned vehicle.

Choose from Used and Pre-Owned Vehicles

The Putnam Automotive Group is committed to serving the community’s automotive needs in the Bay Area. The dealership in San Francisco consists of many popular pre-owned vehicle brands ranging from budget-friendly to premium luxury.

Purchasing a pre-owned car from the Putnam Automotive Group is not an ordinary process. However, the purchasing experience in the Bay Area gives you an understanding of options that suit you best.

Many of us dread purchasing pre-owned vehicles after dealing with salespersons who are more interested in making a sale. However, at Putnam Automotive Group, the sales team is committed to giving you a lasting purchasing experience. Some of the brands represented in the Bay Area include:

What Is the Difference Between Used and Certified Pre-Owned?

Certified pre-owned or certified used cars have been recognized by the manufacturer as being in great condition. CPO programs exist to help car buyers avoid the uncertainty that comes from shopping at a used car lot or buying from a private seller. The big difference is that, to be marked as “certified pre-owned,” a vehicle must meet strict criteria from the brand that manufactured it in the first place.

For one thing, certified used vehicles are all still relatively recent. It depends on the specific program, but vehicles normally need to be from the last several model years to be designated as certified pre-owned. They also have to be under the limit for mileage (again, the limit depends on the manufacturer). Finally, the vehicle must pass a thorough inspection.

What Does a CPO Vehicle Inspection Include?

Like many other aspects of certified used cars, the specifics vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. In many cases, the CPO inspection will cover well more than 100 different checkpoints. This helps the experts at the dealership confirm that all key components of the vehicle are in excellent working conditions. If any part on the checklist is in poor condition, it must be replaced before the vehicle can be considered certified pre-owned.

Certified used cars often have to pass a road test as well. A car expert from the dealership takes the vehicle for a drive, listening for noise, making sure the vehicle handles well, and keeping an eye out for any signs of issues. Finally, after an authorized mechanic has confirmed that the used vehicle is in a good condition, it becomes a CPO vehicle.

CPO Warranty and Assistance

When a car brand certifies a vehicle, they stand behind it. That means drivers often get warranty protection and other perks for certified used cars. The other perks might include things like roadside assistance in case anything happens to go wrong. The warranty and assistance programs for CPO vehicles are often like slightly reduced versions of the programs for new vehicles.

Convenient Locations Through the Bay Area

Despite your location in the Bay Area, there is always a Putnam Automotive Group dealer nearby. All of the company’s dealers’ locations are within reach.

If you need to go for an outdoor adventure, you should consider visiting the Putnam Automotive Group’s Subaru or Jeep dealerships nearby. Of course, for a great family vehicle or wonderful city commute, there is always a Toyota, Kia, Honda, or Nissan dealership near you.

Shop Pre-Owned Vehicles in the Bay Area

The current economic condition may not allow us to own brand new vehicles. Putnam Automotive Group offers outstanding discounts for pre-owned vehicles from all popular brands.

In addition to the reduced price tag, purchasing a pre-owned car has many more benefits. First, we have to choose from the certified brands, as Putnam Automotive Group is accessible from any location in the Bay Area.

Contact Putnam Automotive Group in the Bay Area to learn more about our pre-owned vehicle deals.